Major Update to Garmin’s Pilot App Incorporates Pro IFR Tools

The Garmin Pilot app for Apple iOS mobile devices was already a robust and mature product that delivered the kind of exceptional navigation information pilots expect from one of the avionics industry’s leaders. But as the company demonstrates in improvements to their flight deck product line, Garmin is never satisfied with the status quo, and it has released a major update to the Pilot app that now incorporates the same level of professional IFR navigation tools found within Garmin avionics.

With the update, pilots can expect a near-seamless transition between Garmin avionics and the Garmin Pilot app when performing common functions, such as loading and activating instrument approach procedures, departures and arrivals, adding vertical information to flight plans and building custom holding patterns on the fly.

“Leveraging technologies found within Garmin avionics and flight decks, we’re excited to bring this game-changing update to Garmin Pilot customers,” said Carl Wolf, vice president of aviation sales and marketing. “This upgrade gives pilots the ability to load complex routes and procedures into the app just as they would within a Garmin integrated flight deck, offering added convenience, time savings, and confidence when transitioning between multiple Garmin products in the cockpit.”