AMAC signed a contract for a KA-Band installation on an Airbus A321. It will be AMAC’s first KA-Band installation on an Airbus A321. AMAC is extending its existing STC capabilities, which is already covering Airbus A319 and A320 ceo and neo types.

An Airbus A330 will arrive to Basel for a heavy base maintenance check. In parallel, AMAC will remove the full VIP cabin for structural inspections and several repairs and improvements. AMAC will update all technical systems and install the cabin back in a perfect condition. The work is expected to be completed in a short down-time.

AMAC will also welcome a privately-owned Airbus A319 in Basel to undergo a refurbishment. AMAC will carry out a partial cabin refurbishment. Several seats will be stripped and recovered with new materials.

A new customer signed a contract for a 24 month check on an Airbus A318. In conjunction, AMAC will carry out a landing gear-, a break-, a thrust reverser- and a forward engines mounts overhaul on the privately-owned Airbus.