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Global Aviator, a South African based business aviation magazine, focuses on local business aviation, with an international flavor. We also cover overseas aircraft and news.

Tapping into our vast array of networks and creative thinking, we are able to mould the best local and international writers to provide the best available angle on any story. We cover a wide range of topics from aircraft training to historical articles and articles on various pilots and aspects of flying.

We also have articles on aircraft technology, accidents and interesting aircraft ranging from personal jets to business jets to small one man aircraft. Through our honesty, passion, relationship development and commitment to all our clients, we are able to provide both the reader and advertiser tactical solutions to their business.

You can also find us on Social Media where we update the page every day with new events and any interesting articles, videos and photos. We add new information on the website daily so feel free to browse the website to find new wallpapers, did you know, aviation timeline and more. For latest news check out the left hand side of the website or check out the breaking news box on the home page.

ATNS presents RPAS at International Civil Aviation Day

Johannesburg, South Africa. Air Traffic and Navigation Services (ATNS) SOC Limited will provide much-needed Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) safety-related information during the *International Civil Aviation Day (ICAD)” celebrations, taking place on 7 December 2019 at the Polokwane International Airport, Limpopo Province, South Africa. 

The 2019 ICAD theme is “75 years of connecting the world”.

The commercial applications and opportunities for RPAS operations at lower altitudes has seen an increased demand for airspace services across various sectors in recent times. These include among others, inspection, survey, security monitoring, package delivery and movie production.

This exponential industry as well as enabling technologies, present instant economic opportunities where positive business cases for an operating model allows for these operations to take place within the current regulatory, operational, and technical environment – otherwise known as the Air Traffic Management System (ATMS).

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Tapping into our vast array of networks and creative thinking, we are able to mould the best local and international writers to provide the best available angle on any story. We also conisder stories if you send.


Global Aviator has dedicated staff who can help you in what you are looking for be it for advertising to writing stories.


Global Aviator has writers covering a wide range of topics. We cover a wide range of topics.