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Global 7500 – a new class of business jet for life above the clouds

The word craft bears a profound significance for bombardier. it’s a word that describes the product, and also the process; a term that accounts for both aviation and artistry; the end result, and the pursuit of making. for the world’s leading manufacturer of private jets and trains, craft is of critical importance. for over 50 years, bombardier business aircraft has built on its rich heritage with a forward looking, innovative spirit embodied by its team, and the aircraft they proudly manufacture. behind every fleet is a force of expert engineers, visionary designers, and master artisans, dedicated to bringing the highest levels of luxury and quality to their craft.


The future of technology in the aviation industry

Over the past 30 years the airline industry has seen a number of changes, such as the increased market share of low-cost carriers (LCCs) as well as facing its fair share of challenges, from volcanoes erupting to infectious disease outbreaks. The next 30 years are likely to be more turbulent, as a new wave of technological change and innovation unfurls. Some see this wave sweeping the airline industry away, citing as precedents the taxi industry before Uber arrived, the music industry before internet downloads, and the printing industry before computer design software.


The Spike S-512: The future of aviation

The Spike S-512 Quiet Supersonic Jet is an elegant and innovative business jet. Spike Aerospace has kept quiet about much of its progress building a supersonic jet, but now the firm has announced a planned timeline for development. A second, larger demonstrator aircraft is already built, and a third is under construction. The Spike S-512 Quiet Supersonic Jet will be the first aircraft aerodynamically designed to offer patent-pending Quiet Supersonic Flight Technology. This will enable it to operate at its full cruising speed of Mach 1.6 (1,100 mph) without producing a loud, disturbing sonic boom on the ground.